Services and Maintenance

PPX has several, in-house factory-trained, technicians dedicated to maintaining HEIDELBERG and Linotype systems. CtP and CtF problems are resolved quickly with all work guaranteed. Experts located nationwide to carry out all your engineering requirements; including decommissioning, re-commissioning, locking down, preparing for transportation, preventive maintenance, routine servicing, diagnostics and the fitting of spare parts.

Excellent Suprasetter, Topsetter, Prosetter, Trendsetter Service and Support. SCREEN sales/service/support too.

Service Contracts

Our aim is to provide affordable breakdown cover for your complete peace of mind. Several options are available with varying degrees of cover. From simply having a technician on standby with the option to pay for parts as they are required; or full cover to resolve every malfunction, including all parts with no limit to the number of call-outs. Contact us now to discuss your particular needs.


Preventive Maintenance

In order to keep your equipment in tip-top condition, it is recommended by CtP manufaturers that, a preventive maintenance procedure should be carried out annually or biannually. Our factory-trained technicians can do this at a time which suits you best and since it can be completed in approximately 2 hours there is very little disruption to production. Costs vary depending on the CtP, so please call for latest prices.


Time And Materials

We understand that monthly outgoings do not suit every business which is why we can offer the services of our factory-trained technicians on a pay as you go basis. Calculated using hourly rates for return travel/time spent on-site plus a call-out fee plus parts, you know exactly what the costs are going to be before an engineer is despatched. For a detailed quotation, please call.


Telephone Support And Remote Diagnostics

Some problems are relatively minor and a quick telephone call to one of our knowledgeable technicians is all it takes to resolve the issue. By simply diagnosing what is wrong from an error message or by dialling into your machine remotely to investigate more thoroughly, we can offer help and support when you need it most.


Lease Agreements

Can’t afford to upgrade to Compute-to-Plate? Why not try leasing one from us? Call us to discuss your exact requirements.



Want to buy a CtP but have no available funds to purchase one outright? Then talk to us about finance deals.We can put you in touch with independent lenders who offer quick, no obligation quotations with funds being agreed in principle almost immediately.


Try Before You Buy

Not sure if CtP is for you? We can offer to deliver and install one then leave it with you for up to 2 months, whilst you decide if the system suits your particular needs. If it doesn’t, then we’ll take it away. All this is free of charge!


Loan Of Equipment

Is your current equipment out of production due to circumstances ¬†beyond your control, ie: fire or flood? If so, we can lend you a system to tide you over, until you’re back on your feet. We can also help you decide on what replacement equipment would best suit your requirements and hopefully deliver and install it for you too.


Call us now on +44 (0)1242 577104 for all your prepress service and maintenance requirements.

Suprasetter; Topsetter; Prosetter; Herkules Service and Support plus PlateRite/PT-R/ptr 8600; 8300; 8100; 8000; 4300; 4000.

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