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Prepress Supplies with Installation and Training

Prepress Express Limited specialises in HEIDELBERG and Linotype-Hell and SCREEN  used prepress equipment, with installation by factory-trained technicians with full training.  PPX only employs competent high-tech handlers to ensure the safe transportation of this delicate machinery. A huge selection of spare parts for Agfa, Creo, Fuji, Glunz & Jensen, HEIDELBERG , HighWater, IGP, Linotype-Hell, and SCREEN are always available at very reasonable prices. Film and chemistry can also be provided. Complete used CtP/CTP systems always in stock.
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Prepress Equipment

Prepress Express Limited supplies a wide range of quality used HEIDELBERG and Linotype-Hell and SCREEN prepress equipment. With a comprehensive stock of CtPs, CtFs, Scanners, Processors, Conveyors, Printers, Hardware and Software RIPs, Connection Kits, Input and Output Cassettes, Interface Cards and Dongles, PPX can provide the solution to all your prepress requirements. As specialist prepress equipment movers, entrusted by HEIDELBERG to transport their products, we use our own fully insured, air-ride lorries to ensure the safe delivery of this delicate equipment.
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Used CtP: Computer-to-Plate Systems: Platesetters

Prepress Express Limited offers great deals on used CtP equipment with fantastic start up packages available at very competitive prices. Prices start from as little as £6,000.00 and when packaged together with nationwide, factory trained technicians to install and give training, PPX has the solution to all your Platesetter requirements. With regular consignments of Suprasetter, Topsetter, Trendsetter and Prosetter, all of which are manufactured by HEIDELBERG; together with SCREEN, Creo and Fujifilm systems there is always a variety of options to choose from.
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Used CtF: Computer-to Film Systems: Filmsetters

Prepress Express Limited is a leader in the supply of quality used Filmsetters. Stocking Linotype-Hell Herkules PRO, Classic and Basic plus Quasar and the Linotronic series together with Agfa Avantra and Screen models, PPX can satisfy most CtF requirements. Spare parts for current and obsolete models are always on the shelf, which nationwide technicians can fit at very reasonable prices or alternatively DIY.
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Used Heidelberg and Screen Machines

Prepress Express Limited stocks quality used HEIDELBERG and SCREEN prepress machinery. A vast network of factory trained technicians can expertly install, repair and service all equipment.
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Used Linotype Machines

Prepress Express Limited offers first class support for all Linotype and Linotype-Hell prepress machinery. Many used, complete systems in stock plus spare parts for Filmsetters including Herkules, Quasar, Signasetter and the complete Linotronic series plus Topaz Scanners too. PPX has factory trained technicians familiar with all the Linotype products with the added benefit of service contracts which provide peace of mind and ensure continuity in production.
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Used and New Spare Parts

Prepress Express Limited has an abundance of used fully working spare parts in stock for HEIDELBERG, SCREEN, Agfa, Kodak, Linotype-Hell , Xitron & Fujifilm models. Trailing edge clamps, laser diodes, Suprasetter heads, Trendsetter heads, ECC controllers, CPU boards, top panels, interface cards, input/output cassettes, connection kits, LI2-LI5 & speedway cables, spinner/mirror motors, dongles, pumps and switches are all offered at very competitive prices.
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Film, plates and chemistry also available to order.
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Prepress Express Limited is a well established buyer and seller of second hand CtF & CtP equipment in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also imports from and exports to Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Republic of Serbia, Russia and Ukraine. It also has many satisfied customers in Australia, Africa, India, Pakistan, Algeria, Tanzania, Syria, UAE, Lebanon, Israel, China, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Middle East.
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Other Manufacturers

Also available: Stock and spare parts manufactured by Agfa, Kodak, Fujifilm, Heights, Xitron and others
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Call us now on +44 (0)1242 577104 for all your prepress product and supply requirements.
Suprasetter; Topsetter; Prosetter; Herkules Service and Support plus PlateRite/PT-R/ptr 8600; 8300; 8100; 8000; 4300; 4000.

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