When investing in used prepress equipment, business owners have many considerations; at the very top of this list is quality. The demand for high quality, quick turnaround work from their clients means they need reliable, cost efficient equipment. Heidelberg CtPs are widely recognised as a distinct cut above the rest.

Used  Heidelberg machinery that has been regularly maintained throughout its life and kept in good condition is simply the best type of used prepress equipment that money can buy. Heidelberg is globally recognised as the market leader in this field and has been for many, many years due to the precision manufacturing methods, the superior quality of the materials used and the expert technicians involved throughout the entire process of making the machinery.

While most business owners and their staff look after their machinery very well, there will inevitably be a few that don’t. For this reason it is always advisable to seek professional help from a used Heidelberg specialist like Prepress Express, when considering investing in used Heidelberg machinery.

If you are considering investing in used Heidelberg machinery contact Prepress Express today.